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Here is our Current WCE Survey:

ONLINE SURVEY - Your feedback is important to us!
Please take a moment to fill out this online survey
if you have not already sent in the paper copy.
Thank you so much - we appreciate it!



If you would like to take our West Creek Estates Survey (below) please let us know how we are doing.

You can either copy and paste the information into an email, or you can print it off and send it snail mail to Sarah Brown (address below).

In the event you would like to mail an anonymous comment (only if you do not require a reply from us), then we look forward to hearing
what's on your mind.  But, please understand without contact information, we have no way to get back in touch with you with a response
or an answer.   If you have a complaint, we would like the opportunity to get back with you and tell you how we resolved the issue (but it
is not necessary if you wish to remain anonymous). 

We encourage you to use professional judgment with the kind of messages you send our way.  We have offered this Suggestion Box for
residents to use (and not abuse) - in hopes that if there is anything we can improve on and if it's possible, we will try our best to
make it happen.



West Creek Estates Survey:

Hi West Creek Residents,

We have a short survey that we would like you to fill out, please print this page and if you want to return anonymously,
you can mail it to Sarah Brown, 1412 Calhoun Lane, Plano, TX. 75025 or email questions, suggestions, comments, or
complaints to Sarah Brown at wcsuggestions@yahoo.com.

*Are you a PAID Member of WCE?   YES   NO

*Is there something holding you back from paying your dues?   YES   NO

*Is there something that we are doing that you really enjoy?   YES   NO

*Is there something that we are not doing that you would like to see done?   YES   NO

*Do you know who your BLOCK CAPTAIN is?   YES   NO

*Would you be interested in a WCE directory?   YES   NO

What information would you be willing to share in the West Creek Estates Residents Directory?

Name _______  Phone# _______  Cell# _______  Email Address _______  Facebook Member _______

*Please feel free to elaborate on questions from above, and add any additional comments or suggestions here:







Thank you!   And, we look forward to the opportunity to answer all of your questions about West Creek Estates.


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