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Star Yard History

Star Yard Awards

Currently West Creek Estates is not running

the Star Yard Award program.


We may be starting this up again soon.

Please be sure to click the tab on the left to view

our Star Yard History.


If you might be interesting in helping out with this

program once it starts back up again, please contact:

Debbie Heydon



The Star Yard Award was given each month based on several factors;
curb appeal, most improved, exceptional maintenance, overall appearance, or best holiday decorations.
Please note:  In April, one of our "Star Yard" signs was stolen, so until we can have the sign replaced,
we will only have only one Star Yard award per month.
Every household gets to vote each month!  We welcome all nominations and hope everyone takes
the opportunity to vote for their favorite yard!

Last   Update 09/11/16

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