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2016 Neighborhood Events:

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We are looking for additional West Creek Estates residents to volunteer on our Social Committee.

If you would be interested, please contact us at wce-hoa@hotmail.com.

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4/17/16 Sunday Neighborhood Association
7pm The Heydon's House
1432 Calhoun Ln

Hi neighbors, we are planning to have a general Neighborhood Association meeting on April 17th at 7pm. We generally have 2 meetings a year and had been holding them at Davis Library. We typically have light attendance, so for this next meeting we will be holding it at our house, 1432 Calhoun Ln. All are welcome to attend and we will make room for whoever shows up. The main topics will be the 2016 budget, this years dues drive and officer positions for this next year. We have several open positions that need to be filled and we will have a number that expire in July. We will hold elections at the July meeting for the positions that expire this year as well as any open positions. Let know if there are any additional topics you would like to cover. We would love to see you at the meeting.

8/14/14 Sunday Neighborhood Association
 Meeting and ELECTIONS
6pm The Heydon's House
1432 Calhoun Ln
Minutes by acting secretary: This year's second bi-annual meeting for the WCE Residents Association was held Sunday, Aug 14, with Linus Heydon, outgoing acting president, presiding. Pam Iwanski, treasurer, presented, year to date, *Treasurer's Report 1HCY16. Pam reported that membership in the Association is continuing to increase as community members are continuing to join. Currently, there are 83 voting member households. Cathy Blanton, Crime Watch Chair, shared the good news of no reports of crime in WCE. Cathy urged all residents to keep their homes' outdoor areas well-lit to deter crime. As block captain coordinator, Cathy reported there were openings for block captains for the streets of Greenleaf, Greenfield and Blackburn. Debbie and Linus Heydon, Maintenance chair, reported WCE entrances have had sprinklers and lights repaired and are in good working order and should operate with minimum care and little extra expense above budget norm until new code standards must be met sometime in future. A list of stored holiday decorations needed to be claimed was distributed. Upon completions of reports, Linus called for election of officers and committee chairs for the new term. Pam Iwanski retained her position of Treasuer as did Cathy Blanton's hers of Crime Watch/Communications Chair. Kim Newton was chosen as Secretary. New communitee chairs selected were Sean Newton for Maintenance and Jeanine Thames for Welcoming. The position for Social Chair was not filled and it was agreed that plans for future social events be discussed at a later meeting. Suggestions were made that social events be varied and casual. A suggestion was made for a Spring and Fall Day of Cleanup Our Neighborhood, encouraging community-wide participation. Meeting concluded.

*Treasurer's Report 1HCY16

IHCY16 Starting Balance $7210.39

Income from HOA Dues $5825.00

Meeting Rooms $ -0-
HOA Supplies $ 342.20
Water $ 348.92
Electricity $ 735.64
Mowing $ 550.00
Website $ 138.72
Emergency Fund $ -0-
Social $ 317.74
Beautification $ 480.29

1HCY16 Ending Balance $10121.88
TBD   Fall Block Party      

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